Access Control Strategies For School Campuses

April 9th, 2024

Defining access control can get pretty complicated if you let it, so this post will attempt to keep things straightforward and easy to understand. In simplistic terms, access control is a security technique that is used to allow or restrict people in , from gaining entry to a building or resource. Schools in , have to deal with many issues today such as drug deals, shootings, and gang violence. Unfortunately, nobody appears to have a cut and dry solution for the problems though. Hence, officials must think outside of the box to discover ways to keep visitors, students, and faculty members safe.

Doing nothing and leaving things to chance are not the ways to go. These are no longer just big city dilemmas. Instead, they can pop up anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. In the blink of an eye, a district and community can be rocked and entirely turned upside down by the threats. So, read further to learn about some of the things that can be done to ensure your campus remains safe and sound.

Surveillance Cameras

Before getting into access control, it is crucial to discuss security cameras. These devices can be pointed at entrances and exits to help monitors determine who is coming and going. Additionally, the units can be placed around the outer boundary to assist viewers in detecting threats on the grounds. Then, if one is identified, the person can announce it to teachers and students via the intercom so that they can prepare, hide, or do whatever the protocol happens to be. Plus, the cams will capture the person on crisp video, which can be handed over to the police to use as evidence.

Electronic Access Control

Various devices and smart locks are utilized with these systems to verify an individual's identity. If he or she does not have clearance to get through a certain door, it will not open. However, when the person has the appropriate credentials such as a key card, ID, or numerical code, the program will grant them access. This aspect keeps people out of places that they don't belong helping the campus to stay secure. Nobody should fret if the key becomes lost. It can quickly be deactivated or invalidated to ensure that no unauthorized users can gain admittance.

Is It Time For An Upgrade?

A lot of campuses in , have older security systems that don't necessarily do the trick anymore. Schools are becoming more and more crowded, which means grainy, unclear video just doesn't quite cut it. With the help of a hybrid DVR, today's cameras can be integrated into an old system seamlessly. Removing outdated cameras can be expensive, and if they are still functional, what's the point?

It is a good idea to consider moving them to another location that doesn't need high-definition recording though. Regardless of your needs, wants, or desires, schedule an appointment with a security consultant. He or she knows the business like the back of their hand, and they will be more than happy to help your school get the improvements that it needs.

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