Choosing Fire And Smoke Detectors for Your Business

April 14th, 2023

Businesses that suffer from fire damage may experience property loss, and across the country, that property loss accounted for millions of dollars. For a small business just starting out, this can be devastating.

Even larger businesses suffer and may face failure if they don't have proper fire detection and prevention tools in place.

Smoke and fire detectors are a good way to prevent damage before it becomes too extensive, so it is a good idea to understand how to select the best fire and smoke detectors for your business.

Evaluate Your Needs

Before finding equipment options, you first need to evaluate the unique needs of your business as well as any liabilities there may be.

How many will you need? You need to determine how many fire and smoke detectors you will need to adequately cover the property, and then you need to determine the best placement for them. Areas with higher fire risks including kitchens, break rooms containing appliances, and any other room containing a fireplace, lantern, or some other similar appliances should have a smoke detector.

The current business system. You also have to ensure that what you choose also falls in line with your IT team and security vendors to make sure that there is proper communication across all channels in the event of a fire.

How much can you spend? The budget is another determining factor to consider as well. You don't want to compromise the security of your business, and you want to make sure you have the proper equipment.

Installation and monitoring. Will your current security vendor install and monitor the system you select? You want to work closely with your vendor to make sure everything is properly installed and monitored.

Finding the right features. What kind of features do you want to have included? Some come with backup battery, a voice alarm, and even a hush button. Whatever features you choose can go a long way in improving the overall usability of your system.

Fire regulations and codes. Finally, you need to understand the fire regulations and codes in , . You can do this by contacting your local fire department for more information.

Researching Smoke Detectors

There are many available options when it comes to fire and smoke detectors you can choose for your business. To find the right one, you should familiarize yourself with each type to see what will work the best for your property.

  • Air Sampling Detectors: these can detect smoke in sensitive areas

  • Automatic Sprinklers: these are automatically activated when any heat is detected in order to control the fire

  • Heat Sensors: any change in thermal energy is detected

  • Ionization Alarms: these alarms can find invisible fire particles that may be present in fast flame fires

  • Dual Sensors: these sensors combine the technology of ionization alarms as well as photoelectric alarms

  • Duct Smoke Detectors: these detectors will close air ventilation units to help prevent smoke inhalation due to the fire

  • Photoelectric Alarms: detects visible fire particles during a slower burning fire

  • Pull Stations: these are where you can trigger audible and visual cues whenever a fire is detected

For more information on the different kinds of smoke and fire detectors you can choose for your business in , contact a security company in your area today.

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