How Can Integrated Security Solutions Help Your Business

January 8th, 2024

There are many , companies who will tell you that their security product is the latest and best thing to solve your security concerns. They'll promise that their new infrared camera will deter even Danny Ocean and his team. They'll promise the most reliable keyless entry systems outside of Fort Knox, but can they be trusted? There is a very simple answer; there is no such thing as the best security option to pick. Some of these options are better than others, some systems more secure than others but there is no such thing as perfect security.

So why bother? Why spend money on trying to improve your security when none of these products solve the problem? Again, there's a very simple answer - no one device or gadget or process will solve your problems, but some them, properly integrated and linked together can. These are known as integrated security solutions and these days, more and more people and companies are investing in integrated security solutions as they look to keep their homes, families, and businesses secure in , .

It's important to remember that integrated security solutions aren't just about building with locked doors and windows. It also includes information security. Good computer security processes and IT security procedures are extremely adept at keeping your information safe. Hacking is a major threat theses days, particularly to blue chip companies with multi-million-pound patents pending and at risk of industrial espionage.

On the physical side of things, most businesses now have security gates, secure fences, security guards, CCTV, and lighting, which is great but are they integrated? CCTV is very common these days, nearly every firm in the world uses it, and it can provide invaluable additional security and information to the police in the event of a crime, but unless there's somebody watching it, then it won't prevent anything. Lighting needs to be utilized effectively and act as a deterrent and not give intruders shadows to hide in. Integrated security solutions do this efficiently and effectively, saving you money as you pay only for what you need.

Examples of how integrated security solutions work include linking the CCTV system with the intruder alarm, integrating access control features with the fire system so that doors open in the event of fires and, saving the best till last, integrate intruder alarm with access control. Once the alarm is triggered, the access control system will close and lock all escape routes leaving the intruder running frantically around the building trying to escape. Of course, the best case scenario is to integrate all these together whenever possible but these options give an idea of what integrated security solutions involve.

An integrated security solution system should be a complete system that fulfills all your wants and needs, protecting and monitoring everything you want it to in an efficient and cost-effective manner while giving you the peace of mind that you, your people and assets are protected in , . Looking at the dangers lurking around, it would be wise for any business owner to have a business security system.

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