Top 5 Benefits of Installing Security Cameras in Your Business

January 22nd, 2024

Video surveillance is vital to any modern business in , . They help to make the business environment a safer place to work, while still protecting against burglaries and outside break-ins. Cameras monitor suspicious activities, stop shoplifting, theft and vandalism, as well as alert stationed security officers about real time thefts. Staff monitoring surveillance cameras and centrally manner systems in large business can also inform state and county law enforcement officials about developing dangerous. If you are thinking about installing security cameras, but are still in two minds, here are the top five benefits of installing security cameras.

Prevent Employee Theft

Even though it may be hard to imagine that your own employees can actually steal from your business, it does surprisingly happen more than you think. A research conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce shows that about 75 percent of employees steal from their employers in , . One of the best ways to catch such untrustworthy workers in the act and reclaim your assets is by installing security cameras. Modern security cameras are not only equipped with high quality video capabilities, they can produce crystal clear images, which makes it efficient to record a series of happenings.

Reduced Insurance Premiums and Taxes

Security cameras, allied systems and video surveillance systems can help you reduce insurance premiums over an extended period of time, depending on the contract drawn up with the insurance company. Public records of these systems also help to protect insurance companies from fraudulent and fictitious claims about robberies and theft. More importantly, you can also claim significant tax deductions on the installation of surveillance systems and security cameras.

Staff Monitoring

Apart from preventing employee theft, installing security cameras in your business can help you monitor your staff. If your employees are required to work a full 8-hour shift, you can find out whether they spend this time doing other unauthorized things. With the right surveillance cameras, you can determine what measures need to be taken to enhance the productivity of your employees.

Shore Up Legal Cases/Aspects

Modern surveillance cameras not only record high quality videos, but also record audio, sound voice. This is quite essential as reliable evidence can be gathered easily to support or reject cases. For instance, a lawsuit brought by a disgruntled employee who fakes a slip and fall injury can be supported or rejected. Similarly, employees caught stealing and denying the same can be hauled up in court in , with requisite video surveillance proof.

Improve the Safety of Your Workplace

By installing surveillance cameras at particular points, either outside or inside your business, you can have a virtual security guard that is controlled by your tablet, phone or computer. Many business owners install security cameras at their entrances and exits. When someone comes to the door, the business owner or manager is alerted, looks at the live feed from the camera to determine the person at the door, before unlocking the door remotely.

These are just some of the top benefits of installing security cameras. To keep your business requisite secure and employees' safe, ensure you choose the right security cameras. It is recommendable to hire experienced, professional security company to help you choose and install your security camera. Call today for a free security analysis.

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