Why Your Restaurant Needs To Invest In A Video Surveillance System

June 8th, 2020

Sure, restaurants all across the nation have been shuttered because of COVID-19. However, states are reopening, and finally, many of the places of business can offer dine-in services again in some form or fashion. Still, though, some eateries are sticking with deliveries and curbside pickup for the time being, as there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this pandemic. With any luck, a vaccine will be created shortly, and restaurant owners, workers, and patrons can get back to ordinary dining experiences.    

Is Now The Right Time To Have Surveillance Cameras Installed?

Most of these establishments cannot currently fill their buildings to their maximum capacity. Rather, in most cases, they are only allowed to operate at 25 to 50-percent. The silver lining in all of this is that because the premises are basically empty, now could be the perfect time for the companies to have work done. For instance, if an owner meant to get a video surveillance system installed, but never did so because of the restaurant always being full, they can accomplish the feat easier now with barren dining areas and bars.  

Security cameras can prove to be beneficial in a restaurant setting in various ways. A couple of them are going to be discussed in the following sections. So, if you are a restaurant owner who is still on the fence about whether a video surveillance system is a good investment or not, please, stay put and read on to learn more. 

Discredit Fraudulent Injury Claims With Surveillance Cameras

The floors of restaurants can get a bit slick and slippery, to say the very least. Drinks sometimes get spilled by members of the wait staff, bartenders, and patrons alike. Not to mention, oil and grease can accumulate on the kitchen floors, posing fall hazards. Injuries can occur when people take a tumble because of the substances. If it can be proven that the organization was negligent in some way, it could be out of a lot of money from having to pay compensation in a lawsuit.

However, due to restaurants offering prime conditions for slip and fall accidents, some people try to take advantage of the situation. For example, if a patron sees spilled liquid on the floor with no one around, he or she might merely lay down, start screaming, and act like they are hurt, with the hope of cashing in. When security cameras are on the scene, the footage can be reviewed to prove the claim is fraudulent and save the company some money. 

Catch Workers Who Partake In Employee Theft Red Handed

Bosses, including those in the restaurant industry, try to surround themselves with honest, loyal, and hard-working employees. Unfortunately, that is not always how things work out. Employee theft is a significant problem in the United States. Things often get so bad because of it that many businesses have to file for bankruptcy. Security cameras covering cash registers, offices, supply closets, and entrances can help organizational leaders find out who, if anybody, is stealing from the company. Then, they can take action to remove the dishonest worker or workers from the picture. 

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