Protect Your Haunted House From The Real Horrors Of The Season

October 18th, 2022

With that telltale fall crispness creeping into the air, it’s just about time for spooky season to start. For haunted house owners, your business should be providing the scares, not experiencing them. Like any business, you’re putting yourself at risk when you don’t have a security system protecting your investment, and this risk can be scarier than any haunts you could dream up. There should be fun in fright, but there is no fun in the type of fright the threat of vandalism, burglary, or worse brings.

Haunted houses should provide a safe environment for business owners, employees, and patrons alike. The only way to achieve this level of safety is with a security system that is tailor made to your haunted house business.

How Your Security System Keeps You Protected

For owners of businesses that are only open for a few months out of the year, a common thought is that a security system is too much of an investment for such a “temporary” business. The truth of the matter is that it only takes one incident to destroy your seasonal haunted house business, and it can take years to get you back to where you once were. Burglaries, vandalism, fraud, and other cases don’t take off certain times of the year, and your security matters whether your business is open 3 months out of the year or all year round. A few ways your security system keeps your business protected are:

  • Protects you from vandalism – The day before Halloween is a very different sort of holiday. Mischief Night, or Devil’s Night, is celebrated when young people go out the day before Halloween to play “pranks” in their local areas. While some of these are harmless and little more than annoying, others can be destructive and devastating to business owners who fall victim. If young people decide to destroy your business property, your security camera system will capture their actions on tape that can be used as evidence of the crime. 
  • Deters burglaries – Props, costumes, technology, and your money can all be left vulnerable after your doors close for the night. The presence of security camera systems deters burglars from targeting your business, and if they should decide to break in anyway, they catch their actions on film. 
  • Protect against fraud – Haunted houses can be a hotspot for fraudulent claims, and just one believable claim could cost your business thousands or more. More “hands on” haunted house experiences could run the risk of legal claims if security cameras aren’t in place to back up your business and your actors. Security camera systems are an effective means of protection against fraud and lawsuits.

Start The Season Right

When you have a great season, it has a compounding effect. Your profits can be put back into your business to make it even better and more profitable the following year, but this type of success is only possible when you protect your investment. For more information on protecting your haunted house, contact us!

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