3 Effective Ways You Can Secure Your Propertys Windows

March 4th, 2022

Protecting your home from unwanted visitors always starts with securing all entry points. When potential entrances are either under surveillance or fortified to prevent break-ins, burglars will be less enthusiastic to try invading your property. Obviously, your front door, garage door, and the door to the backyard are among the most prominent entrances, but that is also true for your property’s windows.

The windows in your home are trickier to use as entry points from the outside, but crafty burglars will find ways to pry them open if they’re not properly secured. To prevent that from happening, here are three ways you can secure your property’s windows.

Get Heavy-Duty Window Locks

The simplest way you can make sure your home’s windows are safe and even childproof is to use heavy-duty locks. While we all wish the locks they already came with are enough to keep us safe, remember that burglars are experts at sneaking in through windows.

Whether or not your windows are closed, burglars likely already know how to pick basic window locks. In fact, there are hundreds of tutorials on the internet on how to do exactly that. You can either replace the basic locks your windows already came with or double up by installing key-operated locks on all of your windows if you want to be extra careful.

Have Window Bars Installed

If you’re in need of heavy-duty protection in case your locks have been picked and the windows have been shattered, window bars are the way to go. While these aren’t the most attractive options on the market, window bars are highly effective in preventing house break-ins. If you’re not keen on having them installed on every window of your home, you can opt to have them only for the ground-floor windows instead. 

Invest In Video Surveillance Cameras 

Another effective way to secure your property’s windows is by installing video surveillance cameras in your outdoor area or even above your window panes. This method not only helps you keep watch over your property 24/7 but also serves as a deterrent against potential burglars. Burglars are a lot less likely to break into homes protected by video surveillance systems compared to those that are not. 

Reinforcing your windows with the methods we’ve mentioned will do wonders for your home’s general safety. Giving unwanted visitors less accessibility will either dissuade them from breaking into your home or, at the very least, impede their burglary attempts and give you more time to react.

Home security is a serious matter, so cutting corners with it is something that you can’t afford to do. The money you might be able to save by not being thorough could cost you big-time down the line if you leave a crucial portion of your home unsecured. If you’re unsure about how to go about improving your home security measures, it’s best to partner with a home security provider in your area to guide your choices.

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