4 Ideas For Protecting Your Valuables

January 20th, 2022

Burglary tends to be rare outside of certain neighborhoods, and because of that many homes will never suffer a burglary once.  However, no home is completely safe from burglary, and so it’s important to avoid tempting potential robbers from choosing your place as the target of a break-in.  Installing or upgrading a strong security system is always a good step, but there are also things you can do with your valuables directly.  The following ideas can all be very effective at lowering the odds that someone will steal from your , house.

Don’t Advertise Your Valuables

If a burglar knows that your home has a lot of valuable and portable items inside, they become more likely to target you over someone who hides their things.  This means you shouldn’t keep your big, expensive TV set where someone could see it through the front window, and you shouldn’t keep your jewelry case on a table that overlooks the front lawn.  If your expensive equipment came in a big box, you should break it down and put it inside your recycling bin instead of leaving it out on the curb where anyone can see it.

Keep Containers Modest

In general, it’s a good idea to use bags and containers that look less expensive than what’s inside.  After all, thieves and purse snatchers are more likely to grab something that looks like it has plenty of valuable things inside.  Fashion is important, at least to some people, but you should keep in mind when you buy a new bag that expensive fashions will make you more of a target.

Use Digital Security

Modern smartphones come with some significant protections, but not every mobile device has the same level of digital security.  If you have a laptop you often take to public spaces around , , you should load it up with things like password systems, encryption, a GPS tracking system, and webcam mugshot software that automatically saves and emails the faces of anyone who uses the laptop.  You should also write a contact phone number or email address somewhere on your device so someone can contact you if they find it.  Don’t forget to use anti-malware software to protect against online dangers, too.

Leave Something Easy To Find

If you hide all your valuables, a burglar will toss your home trying to find something to take.  However, if you leave something in easy reach, it’s more likely that a burglar will take it and leave.  Burglars tend to be nervous during a break in and will often take what they can find and leave even if they know they didn’t get everything.  By leaving something out, you play to this psychology without sacrificing too much.

It’s impossible to say whether a burglar will ever target you or not, but there are things you can actively do that will lower your risk level.  Adding security systems is always a good idea, but you should also avoid making it obvious how valuable your possessions are.  Take the right steps and you shouldn’t have to worry about burglars in your , home.

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