4 Tips For A More Secure Summer

April 12th, 2023

With the arrival of summer in , , things take a change for the lighter and warmer. With more pleasant weather ahead, you may be thinking of taking advantage of the change in seasons, and spending more time with your family, especially if the kids are now out of school. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of summer when the season arrives?

However, with the arrival of summer, this doesn’t mean that relaxation means becoming laxer in your security. You’ve earned a vacation, but when you take some time off, or just enjoy more of this great weather at this time of year, you should always make sure you keep security in mind and here are four ways to do it.

Protect Your Yard

One of the things many homeowners in will do is break out the summer gear. This can be anything from putting out lawn furniture to the kids leaving summer toys sitting on the grass, or out by the swimming pool. However, it’s important to remember that your yard, while a sacred, private space to you, isn’t necessarily immune to intrusion.

Security cameras are always a great deterrent. This is especially true if you’re going to be leaving things that may be valuable out in the open. With security cameras watching, thieves are less likely to make a quick detour into your yard to pick up a few things.

Lights Are Your Friend

Even though the days are longer during the summer, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get dark. And with warmer weather, it’s easier than ever for thieves to reconnoiter homes to see if there’s anything worth stealing. Once darkness arrives, they have shadows to cover them, and nice weather to do it in.

However, lights in the yard, or, better yet, motion sensors tied to lights and partnered with security cameras, make your home an unappealing target. Thieves prefer darkness to operate unseen by witnesses. But if their cover is blown and is accompanied by a security camera capturing all their details, that’s enough to make them leave.

Close Those Windows

This is a fairly common error, but it can lead to disaster. Some people may want to let that summer air in when it gets warm and open a few windows. The problem is when people forget to close and lock them again. A window is a point of entry into a home, and if it’s open, this also means that any alarm system you have is disabled at that point of entry. Remember to close your windows!

Don’t Broadcast Your Empty Home

This one is very difficult for most people in the social media world, but at the same time, it’s an important tip. When you’re going on vacation, do not make a big public announcement about doing so. Telling the world “my home is going to be empty of people for several days” is an invitation to thieves, especially if you’ve made it easy for them to figure out where your home is through other social media entries.

Make your summer safer. Reach out to us, and we can find the right security system for your , home.

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