4 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe During Vacation

January 2nd, 2023

If you live and work in , one of the things you probably look forward to once or twice a year is a bit of time off to take a well-earned vacation and go someplace new. Whether it’s a new location in the USA or seeing the world by visiting another country, vacations are always fun and rewarding when adequately planned.

However, that means that while you’re away , , your home is vulnerable. Fortunately, crimes such as theft have been dropping in recent years. But the reason for that is not because criminals have developed a conscience, so much as people are taking better precautions and security systems are a good deterrence. If you’re going on vacation and you want to ensure your home is safe, here are four ways to keep things secure.

Don’t Advertise Your Vulnerability

Many people make this mistake, though it’s understandable. If you’re going on vacation, you want to share the good news. However, it’s always better to do this verbally, among acquaintances, rather than on social media where everyone can see it.

Once you’ve announced on social media that you are going to another destination for a few days or even a few weeks, you’ve exposed your vulnerability. You may have only intended it for friends, but anyone with criminal intentions now knows how much time they have to find your home and rob it.

Keep Keys With A Neighbor

If you want to have a spare key available, keep it with a neighbor, don’t leave it hidden in a convenient spot, such as under the welcome mat, or a potted plant on the porch. Thieves know residents have favorite hiding places and are experienced at searching them. If you keep keys with a neighbor, this prevents them from gaining easy entry.

Have A Neighbor Collect Mail

If you’re still getting a newspaper delivered to your door, or you get a lot of mail regularly, have a neighbor, or someone else agrees to pick it up for you daily. Days worth of newspapers at your doorstep or a mailbox overflowing with mail are just more signs to smart thieves that no one is home, and they can take their time breaking in.

Get A Security System

Finally, it’s always a good idea to give people a clear sign right away that your home is a difficult target. The presence of security cameras and a sign indicating that you have an alarm system in the house are good ways to encourage thieves to give your home a pass. Thieves want an easy time stealing, and the presence of security systems automatically makes your home a less appealing proposition when there are other, less well-defended targets they could be robbing instead.

If you have a home here in , and you’re interested in making it safer and more secure, whether you’re home or not, we can help. Contact us, and we can conduct an assessment of your property to find out the best ways to boost your security.

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