Are Your Glass Windows And Doors At Risk?

April 8th, 2022

Glass windows and doors have a lot of aesthetic value for properties of , . They let light into a space while making rooms appear larger or more spacious. However, these glass structures also present opportunity to vandals and burglars; giving them a perceived easy access spot to get into and out of your property quickly. 

Keeping Your Space Protected

Homes and businesses of , should look into how they can keep their properties protected while still reaping all the reward of beautiful glass windows and doors. Some ideas for keeping your space safe and bright are: 

  • Installing a security system – A security system that guards your glass windows and doors with video surveillance is a highly effective method. The presence of a security camera is often enough to keep criminals at bay, and the camera will capture any wrongdoing on the footage which can then be used as evidence in court. 

  • Consider shatterproof glass – Shatterproof glass retains all of the beauty of traditional glass but without creating an easy-access point. This type of glass can be used in commercial or residential settings, and you can keep your natural light without feeling vulnerable. 

  • Use alarm systems – Alarm systems either monitored or unmonitored can be installed on your glass windows and doors to further protect your property. A sticker or other sign alerting intruders to the alarm system can be enough to make them skip over your property altogether. Should they choose to try to break in, the alarm will sound and notify the proper authorities. 

Beauty Without Risk

Glass windows and doors bring a great deal of aesthetic value to your space, and you shouldn’t have to give them up for the sake of safety. For more information on protecting your glass windows and doors, contact us at Security Feed today. 

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