Creating a Kid Safe Space in Your Garage

January 13th, 2023

With schools out of session for the foreseeable future and stay at home orders in effect across the country due to this pandemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find ways to keep the kids entertained at home. Maybe you don't have much space or don't have a designated area for the kids. 

Well, today, we will show you how to take advantage of underutilized space in the home the garage. We will also show you how to make it safe for the kids until everything goes back to normal and beyond.

Childproofing the Garage

Before we get into the ideas, let's talk a little about childproofing the garage first.

  • Check the garage door. Is the sensor working? Will it automatically reverse if the child gets in the way? Test the garage door before allowing the children into space
  • Secure all bikes and other items that could potentially fall over and injure the child
  • Keep all liquids, chemicals, and toxins out of reach and away from the play space
  • Flip all buckets upside down so nothing can begin accumulating in them
  • Store all tools, equipment, and the like out of reach
  • Place sensitive or dangerous items into safes or locked cabinets to keep small hands away
  • Install a video camera in the garage so you can observe the children at all times
  • Ensure all the locks on any windows or doors are in working order and secure

This is just a small list of what to do. In summary, you want to remove any items that can cause harm to the children and avoid possible exposure to dangerous power tools, chemicals, and other items. 

Use the Walls to Your Advantage

One of the first things you can do is turn the walls of the garage into a canvas for the kids. You can use chalkboard paint or install a chalkboard or whiteboard on the wall so they can color and play games. It is a designated place for them to scribble and draw and keeps the mess out of the house.

Kid-Friendly Floor Coverings

Instead of the hard and cold concrete you normally see in a garage, consider kid-friendly flooring options to keep the children safe. Puzzle floor mats are durable and colorful and are a lot softer than the concrete. 

Don't Forget Toy Storage

You also want to make sure you have adequate storage for your child's toys in the garage. Everything should be in easy reach for them. Avoid stacking boxes or putting anything to high up that would encourage them to climb to reach the items.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Finally, you want to make sure that the garage is properly ventilated. You don't want the garage to get too hot, especially since we are quickly approaching the summer months in . You may even be able to take advantage of your security system to help you keep tabs on the garage temperature so it can be adjusted when needed, from anywhere. 

If you follow these tips and advice, you can create a fun place for your kids to play while we all sit out and stay at home and get through this pandemic. 

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