Daycare Surveillance in Your Community

July 14th, 2022

As a parent, you want to feel safe and secure when you drop your child off at daycare. You don't want to feel any apprehension when leaving them, so you want to make sure that the daycare you use is up to date on their security measures and are able to offer ultimate protection and care for your little ones.

Surveillance cameras are just one way this can be accomplished. Not only do they increase the security of the facility, they also allow for better visibility for the parents and even more in revenue streams.

Enhanced Security

The safety of all the children, as well as the staff, should be the number one priority in any daycare facility. When video surveillance is used, it can help increase the overall quality of care that is given while also greatly improving its security.

Surveillance cameras in daycare can deter and detect intruders and threats, ensure proper childcare efforts, document disputes and problems that may arise, and send alerts when motion is detected in any restricted areas.

Having this level of security is also very appealing to parents and provides the daycare with an advantage that puts them ahead of their competition.

Parents Have Improved Visibility

Some parents feel very anxious when dropping their children off at daycare. However, when you install these security cameras, you can provide them with the peace of mind they need as they go off to work.

Daycares with surveillance systems can allow parents to view the footage in real-time. They are given customized remote access logins, and they can use this to peek in on their kids whenever they want throughout the day.

This kind of system also allows the parents to gain valuable insight into how their child is being cared for in their absence. It also gives them the chance to see milestones they may otherwise miss.

Increase Revenue Streams

Installing a surveillance system like this is definitely an investment; however, it does end up paying for itself in the long run. You are effectively increasing the visibility and security of the daycare while also adding an additional stream of revenue.

Many parents are willing to pay the monthly fees so they can access the real-time video footage. So, the daycare can charge their own fee for creating the customized accounts for each parent, and this can successfully drive ROI on all the equipment that was purchased and is being maintained. It is also considered a premium service that some daycares offer, and this is what can set them apart from other daycares. When a parent can keep an eye on their child after dropping them off and have that peace of mind, they are going to be willing to pay for it; thus creating an additional stream of revenue for the daycare.

In turn, the daycare can continue making improvements and adding more security solutions down the road as the needs of the parents, staff, and daycare change.

If you would like more information on remote access systems and security cameras that would work for your daycare in , , then contact your local security company to see how the investment equates to its return.

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