Do Condos Need Security?

July 30th, 2024

People that live in condos in , generally believe that they are safer from crime than someone that lives in a detached home in a typical neighborhood. From a certain perspective, this is true. If you live on one of the higher floors of a condo, for example, you are far less likely to be targeted for theft and home invasion, than a detached home with ground level access.

However, just because you live on a higher floor in a condo in , , does that mean that you’re completely safe? Alternatively, could your condo environment still benefit from a well-implemented security system? The answer to these questions is that a security system can still help you, and here the reasons why.

Unauthorized Entry

In theory, only residents and invited guests should be allowed entry into a condo, but in practice, this isn’t always the case. If a condo has no reception or security, for example, then anyone can enter into a building even if they aren’t “buzzed in,” by simply waiting for someone else to enter, and then following after, or claiming they were waiting for a friend to buzz them in, but aren’t getting a response.

Do not rely on other residents to properly observe entry and exit protocol. With security cameras correctly positioned, if something does happen and an unauthorized person enters the building, there is now a record and evidence that can be used. In many cases, the mere presence alone of security cameras is enough of a deterrent for people that don’t wish to be easily identified as they attempt to commit a crime.

Common Areas

There may be parts of a condo that are meant to be enjoyed by residents and guests, such as a gym, swimming pool, game/rec room, or outdoor party areas where people can host events like BBQs. Of course, these common areas have a lot of outside appeal for people beyond just the residents. It’s not unusual for these areas, especially if they are poorly secured, to be taken advantage of by people other than legitimate residents.

Access control systems are a good way to ensure that only intended residents and guests get to make use of these areas. A numerical keypad means residents are assigned individual codes they must enter, or a key card system can be implemented so that only authorized key cardholders can get in.

Lighting & Motion Detectors

In areas such as parking spaces, good lighting, sometimes even tied into motion detectors, can be another key security feature. A combination of lighting activated by motion detection, and security cameras in place, mean that automobiles are safer from theft.

This also means, however, that residents and guests are safer in parking areas, as they are well lit and security cameras, if present can capture everything, for more deterrence, safety, and evidence to help an investigation.

While it’s true that condo residents may not have to worry about a break-in through their window in , , that doesn’t mean that security isn’t necessary. There are always ways to make the environment safer and more secure.

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