Helpful Safety Tips for Airbnb Hosts to Follow

January 18th, 2022

If you are looking for some additional funds to supplement your income in , and you have a vacant property, then you might have already considered the benefits of using your property as an Airbnb for travelers.

Travelers are always looking for a more affordable way to stay while on vacation and Airbnb's are becoming more and more popular because they are not only cost saving but offer the traveler a more unique experience that is leaps and bounds from traditional hotel rooms and hostels.

However, before you list your property, there are a few safety tips you should follow as an Airbnb owner to ensure that the property is secure.

Establish House Rules

One of the first steps to take as an Airbnb owner is to establish some house rules and even publish a manual for your guests to read through on arrival. Make sure to let your guests know what your expectations of them are and clearly define any guidelines or boundaries there may be.

For example, let them know if you want them to stay out of a particular room in the home and establish an emergency plan, so they have all the information they need if something were to happen. Let them know where the fire extinguishers are and the smoke detectors.

Home Security System

A great line of defense and a great way to monitor your property in is with a home security system. The additional level of security that this feature offers may also give your guests some added peace of mind knowing that the security is in place.

Home automation is a feature you definitely want to invest in for your home security system. It also gives you control over arming and disarming the property whenever you need to.

Keep Communication Open

Communication is key, and there should be open channels between the host and the guests at all times. It allows for trust to be built among both parties. Airbnb offers a messaging system, and this is a good way to keep track of all messages and communication in case something were to happen during their stay.

Collect Security Deposits

You want to protect your investment, so when you open your home as an Airbnb, you should require a security deposit to cover any expenses. Always make your expectations very clear upon your guests arrival and even at booking.

Purchase More Insurance

Airbnb actually offers their own Host Protection program. It is a form of liability coverage for hosts who rent their home to travelers. It allows for up to one million dollars in the event that something happens, or someone becomes injured on the property. However, hosts should still contact their own insurance company for information on additional policies and coverage that may be available to protect their asset.

Finally, before renting to anyone, always trust your instincts. The safety and security of yourself, your guests, and home should be a top priority and following these few helpful tips is a good way to get started as you join the Airbnb industry in , .

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