Hiring a Home Security Company - Don't Sign a Contract without Asking These Questions

February 16th, 2018

Are you considering contracting the services of a security company for your home in , ? Do you want to protect your home and valuables but don't quite know where to start? Knowing the capabilities of any security company you are considering hiring is essential for homeowner peace of mind. Following are a few questions you might want to pose to your home security consultant:

- How secure is your technology? If a security company in , is utilizing wireless technology, what safeguards are in place to prevent hacking and remote access? Data-enabled devices like home security cameras and baby monitors can be hacked by unscrupulous individuals. You're going to want to know how serious your potential security company takes wireless access and how they monitor against outside threats.

- Ask about the availability of live chat support personnel. Can you call at any time of the day or night and reach a human representative or is their support team only available during business hours? If your call is going to be re-routed to a foreign country, how does that help you in case of an emergency?

- Does the security company in , you are considering hiring provide same-day service? If your security camera fails, how long will you have to wait for a repair technician? Waiting for service can cause your family undue anxiety; you'll want to know ahead of time how capable your company is of responding to your needs in a timely manner.

Peace of mind when engaging the services of a home security company is essential. The provided products are only a small part of the safety equation. Feeling comfortable with the answers to the above-listed questions can go a long way towards ongoing confidence in your security company's capabilities. Be sure to request answers in writing to all of your queries before you sign any service contract. The safety of your family depends upon your willingness to thoroughly investigate your home security provider in , .

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