Home Fire Safety Tips For Everyone

May 10th, 2022

October is National Fire Safety Month, which means it is right around the corner. Therefore, the time is right to start making sure your house and household is prepared for one of the emergency situations. Flames and smoke can do a number on a structure in a hurry. Not to mention, the amount of water that the fire department has to dump on the unit can cause damage too. Of course, the loss of belongings and other things is likely to be meaningless if an adult or child sustains injuries or dies during the event.

Hence, updating your fire escape plan is an essential task that needs to be taken care of now rather than later. Each family member should know what to do and where to go if flames break out. For instance, all parties need to be taught that it is best to get on all fours and crawl through the thick smoke. Also, everybody must know where to meet, whether out in the front yard by the street, at the next-door neighbor's house, or wherever. Then, the group will be able to see who is accounted for or if somebody is missing. 

Inspect All Fire Extinguishers And Ensure They Are Handy

Small fires can occur for many different reasons. For example, flames could erupt when a person is cooking in the kitchen, working on a car in the garage, or while relaxing in the tub with candles lit. Thus, fire extinguishers need to be placed in easy to get to places throughout the home. Just having the units is not enough though. All family members should learn how to use the devices appropriately to limit the damage caused by isolated fires. Plus, the items must be charged, or they aren't going to do anybody much good. 

A Simple Task

Although checking the batteries in a smoke detector sounds like a no-brainer, this minuscule duty can get overlooked. However, it is a necessary task that must be handled. Smoke detectors reduce a person's chances of being harmed in a fire by 50-percent. The batteries need to be renewed once every 6-months. Additionally, many units on the market today are only suitable to be used for 10-years and need to be replaced after becoming old. So, keep your batteries and smoke detectors up to date to ensure that the equipment emits a blaring sound when the time comes. 

Monitor Your Home Remotely

The truth of the matter is that a fire can start at any time, even when residents are not at home. Faulty wiring, malfunctioning appliances, and more can cause a spark, which may ignite insulation, chemicals, carpeting, or something else. Thankfully, advances in technology have provided homeowners with remote home monitoring. As such, individuals can track alarm and surveillance camera status from virtually anywhere. All a person needs is their smartphone and a WiFi connection to gain peace of mind. Also, if property owners choose to do so, they can receive emergency alerts via texts, emails, or phone calls. 

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