Home Security Systems

April 1st, 2021

According to the latest report by security experts, more than 2 million homes in the United States are burglarized each year. This means that in every thirteen minutes there is someone breaking into a home somewhere in the U.S. The best way to avoid been a victim of such an incidence in , is by installing a home security system. Here are some things you should know before investing in a home security system.

Outdoor Security

As a part of your home security, enhancing security at your outdoor is paramount. If burglars can bypass your outdoor security, it can become simple for them to invade your home. That is the reason you should employ proper measures to strengthen it. To start with, do an assessment of your doors and windows. They should all have deadbolts lock installed on them. A majority of people feel that a handle lock that accepts a key is enough protection, but honestly speaking there is nothing as easy to bypass as handle locks.

Another great way of improving outdoor security in , is to increase outdoor lighting. The more you light your home, the less likely a burglar will try to invade for fear that they will be seen or caught. Make sure you can be able to see any entrances and windows from a safe distance. Trim or eliminate any trees and shrubbery that can prevent lighting from reaching thus giving thieves a hiding place.

Protect Your Valuables Using Asset Protection Devices

Assets protection devices are devices that will alert you if any of your valuable assets have been tempered with. This device will let you know for example if your safe has been tempered with, a painting has been moved, or a jewelry box has been opened. Assets protection devices not only protects your valuables from burglary but also gives you the peace of mind that you so deserve.

Motion Sensor

Another great way of ensuring your home is safe from intruders is by installing a motion sensor system. The device works by using vibrations, microwaves, light and other methods to detect any changes in the environment. This can include of the breaking of a laser beam or light, movement, or additional heat indicating that there is someone in the area of the sensor. While making an investment of a motion detector, you need to consider factors like sensitivity, the area of coverage and of course the cost.

Alarm System

Basic alarms have a siren or a bell that is triggered when there is a detection of motion. Unfortunately, most people have become immune to the alarm and always assume that it was pressed by mistake. To improve the resilience, consider installing a remotely monitored alarm that can alert the police or a monitoring center even if you are not around to come and take a look of your home. Remotely managed alarm also ensure that it's turned off quickly to prevent any disturbance to your neighbors.

Bottom Line

These are some of the few things you need to know to help you get the best home security system which will give you a peace of mind knowing that your , home is always safe. Depending on your location, neighborhood and attractiveness to thieves, you can choose to employ more home security measure.

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