How Secure Are Your Windows?

July 12th, 2023

When considering your home security in , , your doors are likely your top priority. It makes sense since most burglars choose to go through the door rather than making a conspicuous entrance in another way. However, for particularly determined criminals, a window is just as much an entryway as any door. While doors can be the main focus for your security, your windows do warrant some consideration as well. 

Windows are one of the most highly sought-after features in any home. They allow in natural light, and during particularly nice days in , , they are perfect for introducing plenty of fresh air into a house’s interiors. However, homes with plenty of windows require plenty of security for those windows to ensure that no unwanted visitors make their way inside. Window security doesn’t take away from the beauty of your windows—it simply ensures your windows will remain an asset to your home instead of a liability. 

Tips For Keeping Windows More Secure 

A few tips can help any homeowner protect their property with better-secured windows. Those include the following: 

  • Use Cameras To Your Advantage – Rather than focusing your security camera systems on your doors alone, focus on the windows and doors to ensure that burglars do not have a “blind spot” to take advantage of. Knowing that your windows are secured with video camera technologies, just like your doors, they are far more likely to pass up on your home. It is important to remember that burglars prioritize getting in and getting out without being caught, and security cameras on all of your entryways make doing so much more difficult. 

  • Consider Window Alarm Systems – Alarming your windows is another consideration to ensure your windows remain safe and secure. Window alarms can be installed on all the windows of the home, and they can come in handy in more ways than simply deterring crime. Those with teenage children who may think about using windows as an easy way in and out of the house past their curfew can have peace of mind knowing that their windows are secured.

  • Make Use Of Your Landscaping – When a burglar (or your teenager) has plans to use your windows to come in or out of your home, your landscaping can also serve as an effective deterrent. Rose bushes and other thorny plants planted by your windows create a natural obstacle that adds to the beauty of your landscape. Getting to the window to enter or exit is a painful and slow event when one has to get through a thorny plant first.

Securing Your Entire Property 

Keeping your entire property secure is important for your peace of mind, and this includes your home’s windows. Whether you’re looking to protect the windows of your home or business, we have the technologies you need to protect your property completely. If you’re interested in finding out what you can do to better secure the windows of your property, contact us and speak with our professionals to learn more today.

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