How to Handle the Tricks at Halloween

October 19th, 2022

Halloween is right around the corner, and this is the season that the tricks may be just as plentiful as the treats. There are several common Halloween pranks that remain popular over the years including toilet papering the home and trees, egging cars and homes, and pumpkin smashing. While it may be in good fun, these pranks can actually cause damage and may just go a little too far.

So, what can you do to handle the tricks at Halloween and protect your home this holiday season? Read on to find out.

Use Your Video Surveillance

Even just having some visible cameras may be enough to deter any criminal activity. Most people playing these pranks don't want to get caught, so they will move on to a new target when they see the security cameras around the property.

You can also monitor your video surveillance in real-time while also pairing your system with motion sensors so you can receive immediate alerts if there are trespassers or any other suspicious activity outside of the home.

If something does happen, you will also have access to the video footage that is stored in the cloud so you can identify the pranksters.

Use Smart Lights

If your yard is brightly lit, pranksters will most likely pass you by. If they don't have the cover of night, then there is a good chance they will get caught. Smart lights can be remotely turned on and off inside and outside of the home. Not only does it illuminate the yard, but it also gives the impression that the homeowner is home.

So, you can go to that Halloween party you and your family have been looking forward to with the peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

With this smart light system, you can also schedule the lights for specific times. There are also motion detection lights that will turn on when movement is detected.

Protect Your Home the Right Way

Installing a good and high-quality security system is a good idea all year and not just for the holidays. Having a full home security package with a monitored alarm system means you are actively protecting your home and property throughout the entire year.

In the event, something does happen, and the pranksters still target you or your home gets broken into, you will have the video footage you need to catch the perpetrators.

Not only will the system immediately notify you of any problems, but it will also immediately notify the authorities and emergency personnel so you will have a quicker response.

To discuss your home security options and to learn more about how smart technology can help better protect your home year-round, contact your local security company in , .

They will be able to walk you through all of your available options and help customize a security system that meets the unique needs of your home and your family.

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