Keeping Your Home Safe As You Return To Work

April 15th, 2020

With more and more businesses opening up after stay-at-home orders are lifted around the country, professionals are wondering how they’ll transition back to work while keeping an “as-needed” workspace available at home. As businesses slowly open, many professionals know that the pandemic could still take a turn for the worse, and they could be ordered back to work from home at any point in the coming months. For those in , , this means spending time away from home at work while still keeping a secure workspace back at their property should they need it. 

In many professions, employees work with sensitive data and information. While the security afforded to them at the office may be sufficient in keeping everything completely safe, this is rarely the case with home data and physical security systems. While transitioning from office work to remote work, or juggling both, it’s important to know how to best secure your work while taking care of things from home. 

Creating The Safest Possible Home Workspace 

Security measures like access control are excellent choices while working at home on an everyday basis, but it may not be the most convenient option for occasional work-at-home days. A few things one can do to better secure their occasional , home workspace are the following: 

  • Keep your passwords fresh – The password on your Wi-Fi, the passwords on all of your mobile devices, and the password on your laptop should be changed every couple of weeks. Make sure to use passwords comprised of a random collection of numbers, letters, and symbols, and create different passwords for each device. Keeping passwords fresh and random will ensure your system is incredibly difficult to break into. 

  • Consider bullet cams – Bullet cams are small hidden security cameras that can be placed inconspicuously in any area of the home. Placing these in your office area will catch any intruder who may have been clever enough to bypass any other security measures, and it might help in other ways as well. If you’ve misplaced an important document or a set of keys for the office, you can use the footage to look back and see just where you’ve placed them. 

  • Doorbell cams are convenient – Doorbell cams have become incredibly popular in recent years, and for good reason. If you’re having professional supplies or items shipped to your home, doorbell cameras will deter criminals and keep an eye on all of your important deliveries. Additionally, they allow you to observe your main entryway and can capture any individuals who may be loitering around your property during the day. 

A Safe And Secure Part-Time Home Workspace 

A safe and secure part-time workspace is one you can feel good about working in while you’re at home in , . With the right technologies, you can create valuable security layers that compare to those you may find in the average office. If you’re interested in boosting your home workspace security, contact us today to learn more. 

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