Monitoring and Protecting Your Empty Home During the Selling Stage

April 4th, 2024

You have moved and are currently in the process of selling your old home. You think it is safe because it is empty, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because the home is empty, it doesn’t mean that it is safe and immune from burglar attacks.

More often than not, the empty home will be broken into simply so the burglar can see if it is actually empty, or they may break in because they need a place to stay for a while. Therefore, it is incredibly important to take the proper steps to protect and monitor your home while you are trying to sell it.

Extend Current Security Coverage

If you had security coverage on your home in , while you were living there, it might be in your best interests to extend that security coverage until the home sells. The home is still considered one of your biggest assets, so you will want to do everything you can to protect it.

Your security company will be able to monitor the property while you are not there and can alert you if anything happens.

Install a Security System

If you didn’t have a security system in place before, you might want to do so now. Installing a security system on a home you are trying to sell is also a good way to improve the overall value of the home and property. It also allows you to maintain some semblance of control when there are realtors and potential buyers in and out of the home.

With your security system, you will be able to monitor the feed, be alerted if there are any issues, and you can remotely unlock and lock doors if needed.

Talk With the Neighbors

Another way to actively protect the home you are selling is to simply talk to your neighbors. If there are people in the area that you trust, inform them that you are moving, and the home is empty. They can offer to keep an eye out on the property and can alert you if they see anything suspicious.

Additionally, if you are really comfortable with the neighbors and you feel that you know them well; you can even offer the access code or key to the home, so they can enter the property and do periodic checks to maintain that the home is safe and secure.

No matter what you decide to do, it is important that you do something to protect the biggest asset you own. Until you sell the home, it is still your property which means you are still liable and responsible.

Take the steps that are needed to provide adequate protection for the empty home and find ways to monitor it remotely. Whether it is extending your current security coverage or investing in a brand new security system; you are making an investment in a property that you are still responsible for while also effectively improving its value and worth along the way.

After all, a security system may be just what the potential home buyer needs to see in order to seal the deal.

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