Moving Apartments This Fall? Bring A Security System With You

May 4th, 2022

Most apartment buildings and apartment complexes in , have some amount of security built in.  They may have an entrance a resident has to buzz to let a guest in, they may have grounds with limited entrances, and they may have security cameras set up in the parking areas and the public grounds.  However, they may not have enough security for their area, or you might want to keep your apartment safe from other tenants.  Fortunately, modern security technology offers a solution.

With older security systems you would have to install wires that run through the walls, large camera mounts, and other permanent fixtures.  Apartment managers don’t allow this kind of work on their buildings, so you had to stick with what the complex had.  Plus even if you could install better security for your apartment, the system would stay there after you moved out.  However, these days security technology is wireless, mobile, and easy to take with you.

Wireless Cameras

Surveillance cameras have gone through a technological revolution.  Old models used to need two cables, one to power the camera and one to send footage back to the monitors and recording devices.  These days you can get cameras that don’t need any cables:  instead they operate on battery power and send their feeds wirelessly through a Wi-Fi internet connection.  The cameras are also lightweight, so you can set them up on temporary mounts that won’t break your lease agreement and pack them up when it’s time to move.

Wireless Sensors

Sensors are also much smaller and lighter than they were a few decades ago.  That means you can set contact sensors on your doors and windows with just a little tape and put a window-shatter sensor in a room by plugging it into an outlet.  You can also arm and disarm your alarm system by sending a wireless signal from your smartphone, and that means you don’t need to install a security panel anywhere in your , apartment.  Just like your cameras, you can take your sensors down and bring them with you when you move.

Security Stickers

Security stickers don’t do anything to protect your apartment home from burglars or nosy neighbors, but they can sometimes deter people from trying to sneak in while you’re not around.  That’s why security companies regularly provide stickers when you buy equipment from them or use their services, and it’s why some apartment tenants will buy the stickers on their own and hope for the best.  Depending on the design and the company these stickers can be easy or hard to remove, but if you have a few extras you can always apply another at your next address.

Whether you’re moving because of work, college, budget, or personal needs, you should have a security system that lets you feel comfortable at home.  Fortunately today’s security technology lets you take your favorite system with you whenever you move.  Find out your options for a mobile , security setup today.

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