Protect Your Internet Router From Hackers

May 18th, 2022

When it comes to digital security, most of us lack the knowledge to prevent the possibility of some serious issues, such as loss of privacy, identity theft, and fraud. We are so careful with our computers due to the amount of information they hold. We buy all forms of protection, we use complex passwords to keep ourselves safe. Yet many (( homeowners are not that careful when it comes to their home router and home security cameras. So how do you protect your smart home? 


Protect And Secure Your Smart Home 

With all forms of gadgets and gizmos that fall under the “smart” technology such as TVs, doorbells, thermostats, security systems, it is still up to you to make sure they are protected. Remember that anything that connects to the internet makes your devices vulnerable. The following are some tips to keep your smart home more secure: 


Strong Encryption For WiFi: Keep your network and communications secure by using a strong encryption method in your router settings, like WPA2 when you set up your WiFi access.  


Rename Your Router: Give your router a unique name that no one would associate with you. This can help prevent a hacker from knowing the make or model of the router.  


Change Default Usernames And Passwords: If the router you purchase does not allow you to change the default password, consider getting a different model. It should come as no surprise that most hackers know all the default passwords.  


Check Your Device Settings: If your devices come with a default setting for security change them. Also, disable any features you do not use that may be enabled by default. 


Set Up A Guest Network: We are not saying that your friends and family are hackers but you will be keeping your smart devices and your identity safer if you keep them on a separate network. 


Update The Software: Anytime one of the manufacturers of your smart products sends you an upgrade, do not procrastinate, upgrade right away. 


Authenticate Your Logins: Using a two-factor authentication process such as a one time code sent to your personal cell phone can also help keep hackers at bay. If your smart device has that as an option, use it.  


Don’t DIY Your Security 

For many DIYers, it is very easy to hook up a security camera that will give you live-stream footage, from baby monitors to nanny cams to home security. However, it is also incredibly easy for these systems to get hacked. Not only can criminals hack your camera but even broadcast what you are recording. The best way to prevent this is to work with a professional. 


Consider Professional Home Security 

Most of the wireless security systems sold out of the box at retailers can be hacked pretty easily. A security system is supposed to protect you, not leave you vulnerable. So don’t DIY, call a professional security expert that will ensure that your system is safe and protected.  

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