Protect Your Property From Liability This Winter

November 23rd, 2022

Whether you’re the owner of a business or residential property in , , liability is something to be concerned with. In the winter months, fraud is rampant in the United States, as those who wish to take advantage see plenty of opportunity to do so. First and foremost, snow and ice will make their debut in , during the winter months, and second there is plenty of darkness to add another layer to the “hazard” argument. A person who wishes to take advantage by staging a fall for a lawsuit can see a glisten off of a slippery sidewalk or an unpaved walkway, and they can see dollar signs if they only have an accident. 

The person who decides to slip and fall on a property can get away with their fraudulent act if you don’t have yourself protected. 

Protecting Yourself From Falling Victim To Falls 

There are a few things that , property owners can do to protect themselves from fraudulent slip and falls. Some tips to keep yourself and your property protected this winter are: 

  • Install proper lighting – Lighting can be extremely beneficial to help you to keep your property safe, and to stop fraudulent slip and falls. Those looking for a quick payday won’t have darkness to blame for their accident, and you’ll be able to see if icy patches pop up on your walkway. Motion detection lighting can even present the appearance of activity and movement, and those who are considering fraud would rather carry out their actions without anyone noticing. 

  • Keep walkways ice and snow-free – One of the single most important things you can do to protect yourself and your property is to keep your walkways snow and ice-free. Both snow and ice can be considered a hazard, and one that will hold up in a court of law should a person decide to stage a slip and fall on your property. 

  • Clear your property of debris – The winter months can also come with winds, and when winds reach the dry and suffering top branches of trees, this can lead to falling and blowing all across your property. Those who may wish to stage a slip and fall can use this debris as a “hazard” that caused their fall. 

  • Install security cameras – Security cameras are your absolute best defense against liability claims during any season of the year. When passersby know that a security camera is present, they know that their actions are being watched, and they’d rather not be caught staging an accident. Your security cameras can ensure that those looking to commit fraud are deterred, and that any falls that may occur are legitimate. 

Keeping You Safe 

The right security measures can keep you safe, and keep those who may visit or walk through your property safe as well. If you’re looking to protect your property from winter’s hazards this year, contact us for the professional assistance and modern technologies you’re looking for today. 

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