Safeguarding the Home for the Elderly

June 22nd, 2023

Aging in place is something that nearly 90 percent of people over the age of 65 want to do. However, for this to happen, certain safeguards in a home need to be put into place to help prevent any unnecessary accidents from happening.

Today, we will go over some tips for safeguarding the home for the elderly so that the home can be made as safe as possible for our loved ones. 

Bathroom Safety

Several aspects of bathroom safety need to be addressed for the safety of the elderly. Grab bars should be installed around the toilet and shower. You should also have raised toilet seats, non-skid mats, and water temperature controls in place, so there is no chance they can burn their skin.

Bedroom Safety

Bed rails should be installed in the bedroom to offer support when getting in and out of bed and also to help prevent falls from happening. Reacher sticks are also beneficial, so they don't have to use stools or stepladders to grab items they need.

Kitchen Safety

An important aspect of kitchen safety is ensuring that the right lighting is in place to improve visibility for the elderly. Light switches should be at each point of entry with separate lights installed over areas like the sink and stove. 

Automatic shut-offs are also good to have for gas ranges. Anything that can easily catch fire, such as dish towels and curtains should also be kept away from the range.

Cabinets and shelves need to be easy to access. Pull-down shelves are just one solution you can consider to make things easier. Finally, a finger-safe garbage disposal helps keep objects and fingers safe.

Living Room Safety

Make sure there are no throw rugs in the living room and entryway that can cause a tripping hazard. Falling is one of the leading causes of nonfatal injuries in the elderly over the age of 65, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Remove all clutter and other tripping hazards there may be.

Additionally, if the surface is slippery, you should consider replacing it with a non-slip flooring option that is easy to maintain. This can also help minimize the risk of falling in the home. 

Home Security Systems

Another way to safeguard a home for the elderly is by installing a high-quality home security system. Updated security systems offer monitored systems for the elderly that can alert law enforcement, the fire department, and even medical personnel when there is an emergency. Home security cameras, motions detectors, security sensors, and mobile alerts are all also beneficial when it comes to the safety and security of the elderly in their home.

Some even come equipped with a panic button feature and remote control activation. This means they can turn their system on and off with just a click. 

There is also the panic feature for emergencies to get an immediate response. This allows for much greater peace of mind for everyone.

For more information on home security and safety, contact your local security experts in today. 

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