Secure Your Garage or Sheds to Keep Your Favorite Toys and Tools This Summer

June 3rd, 2021

Summer is finally here with us! That means , homeowners are working on their lawn mowers, everyone is living that overhang life again and it's amazing. Perhaps you got into your garage to fetch out your golf clubs for the very first time this year. Maybe you went into your shed to look for your gardening tools and trim up your landscape. Whatever it is that you love doing outside, you possibly have valuable equipment (landscaping tools, mowers) and recreational equipment (kayaks, small pools, bikes, yard games, etc.) that you have kept in your garages and sheds that are at risk of being stolen.

Summer often tends to be an easier time of year for burglars in , to quickly enter an unlocked garage or shed and walk away with something. Maybe you went out for a few minutes to collect more potting soil, not even thinking about locking backup. More people usually go out biking in spring when the weather is perfect and your bike can end up being stolen if not well secured.

Here are a few quick tips to have in mind in order to keep your outdoor toys and tools safe in your garages and sheds this season:

Exterior lighting

It is not just for the front of your property, or for your house. It is a great idea to ensure that you have hi-tech motion sensitive lights securing the entire perimeter of your house and on each room - including detached barns, garages, shops and sheds.

Locks, locks, locks

Ensure you lock up your garages and sheds when you're not using them - don't ever leave them unattended or unlocked even for a few minutes. If you've got a shed that does not lock, make sure you have individual u-locks to safeguard your most valuable items, which includes lawn mowers and bikes. Make sure that your bike is always locked up wherever you are.

Don't be of help to the bad guys

Don't ever leave your key in your golf cart, four-wheeler or riding mower. Also, don't leave your garage's side door open. If by any chance you get a fun new toy, remember not to leave the box out, as this is only going to cause you more misery by announcing to burglars what they will be able to walk away with if they break in.

Expand your security system

If your garage or shed is in close enough radius to your keypad, you may choose to add motion sensors, electronic door locks, glass breaks and security cameras without requiring an additional keypad.

Keep your prized items and stay safe so you can enjoy a great summer. Each of the above tips will help you in securing your tools and bikes thereby relieving you unnecessary stress that would otherwise affect your summer experience. Everything you own is valuable to you and your close family members, that's why maximum security is paramount in your garage or shed to help secure your items.

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