Security Solutions For Restaurants During The Pandemic

August 14th, 2020

Over the last several weeks, restaurants have slowly reopened across the states even with COVID-19 still in full force. As restaurant owners determine how to reopen their restaurants and adjust to this new normal, they are also finding more uncertainty and risk than ever before.

New hygiene regulations and policies have had to be put into place, making an already difficult business even more challenging for some. In addition to the safety limitations some may face, there are also instances of theft and vandalism for restaurants that have chosen to reopen.

For those reasons, restaurant owners need to have a solid security plan as they reopen and contend with the new challenges facing the industry.

Customer And Staff Protection

Before a customer visits a restaurant, they want some kind of assurance that the restaurant is clean and that the staff members are taking appropriate safety measures. To comply with current regulations and guidelines, the business owner needs to have a budget for safety monitoring systems. 

It is important to take the time to educate employees on health-related best practices. Encourage those who feel sick to stay home, and teach them how to observe proper hand hygiene and etiquette for when they return to work. 

Curbside Services

With takeout services becoming more common during the pandemic, certain security measures need to be put into place to ensure everyone's safety while using the service. Cameras in the parking lot and lobby help protect everyone as food is taken out to vehicles. 

General Security Measures

As a restaurant owner, you also want to consider all of your other safety and security measures to ensure that you have adequate protection. If you already have an alarm system installed, maybe it is time to consider an upgrade that includes new, high-resolution cameras. You also want to reevaluate the positioning of any cameras you already have to make sure that they offer enough coverage in the more crucial areas of your business, including the cash register.

Alarm Systems

For even more protection, restaurant owners are opting to purchase upgraded alarm systems to ensure that their establishment is protected day and night. Panic buttons are one feature you can add to the system for even more security. If the patrons become disruptive, you can call for immediate assistance with the touch of a single button. 

Access Control Systems

Another way to boost security in your restaurant and improve the overall efficiency of your establishment is to opt for access control systems. These typically allow for mobile access as well, so you always have eyes on your restaurant. You can also establish safeguards for areas of the property that may be off-limits to some while giving staff members access to other areas. 

If you have any questions about how you can better protect your restaurant during the pandemic and open it with more confidence, don't hesitate to contact your local security experts to run through all of your available options.

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