Seven Security To Keep Apartment Dwellers Safe

April 10th, 2023

You have done your research, you have spent your free time looking for a apartment that suits your needs, and finally, you found one. No matter how safe the neighborhood is or how upscale the apartment complex is, every renter should consider taking safety steps to ensure they and their belongings are safe. Here are some tips to not only keep you and your family safe in your new apartment but your belongings as well. 

  1. Install Door Locks

If your apartment does not have a deadbolt, ask your landlord to install one and change the locks of the apartment before you move in. Deadbolts are excellent for apartment security and very effective. You also want to make sure there are no duplicate keys that fit your locks out there. 

  1. Implement Security Bars

A security bar or door jammer is a great option for apartment dwellers, especially for sliding glass patio or balcony doors. Easy to install and are portable so you can take it with you should you move. There are also jammers for the front door that is like a doorstop. 

  1. Secure Your Windows

When we talk about securing your windows, we are really talking about blocking the view to your valuable items from your street as well as keeping them locked. A simple way to deter intruders is to cover your windows with shades, curtains or blinds. Keep them closed when you are away from home or at night. 

  1. Get To Know Your Neighbors

When neighbors know each other, they develop a sense of community and will watch out for each other and tend to notice suspicious activity more. Knowing your neighbors also helps you notice unfamiliar faces that could be vandals or burglars. That way if there is an intrusion, they will call law enforcement. 

  1. Lock Down Your Valuables

One of the better methods of keeping your valuable items secure is to purchase a safe. Store your firearms, jewelry, important documents, and any cash inside. If possible bolt it to the floor or wall so thieves can’t grab it and run.

  1. Add A Security Camera

Security cameras for apartment dwellers are a surprisingly affordable option. Cameras do not need to be part of an entire security system. There are several stand-alone cameras that will monitor your apartment and send the feed to your phone. Ask your landlord if you can install a smart video doorbell which will allow you to see and talk to who is at the door without having to open it. 

  1. Install A Security System:

Before you install a system consult with your landlord and see what the rules and regulations are. There are several wireless systems that use adhesive to install them. Keep in mind to tell your neighbors that you have a security system and it has an alarm so if it goes off they will not be unpleasantly surprised. Again, always consult with your landlord when it comes to installing security in your apartment. 

Since renters are targeted more than three times the average homeowner, it is important you take steps to protect your loved ones and belongings. There are plenty of security systems designed just for apartments and with open communication with your landlord, you can install a security system that will fit your needs and not cause you to have your lease terminated. 

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