Simple Steps Any Homeowner Can Take To Create A Safer Home

August 3rd, 2022

Creating a safe home is something that most , home owners are concerned with to some extent. Afterall, your home should be you and your family’s safe haven after a long day. It’s where you store all of your belongings, it’s where you lay your head at night, and it’s where you should be able to relieve yourself of the stresses of the day. Many homeowners of , have an inflated view of the actual safety of their home, however, and their properties may not be quite as safe as they think they are.

A burglary occurs in the United States right around every 22 seconds of every day, even in homes of the , region. Unless the proper precautions are made, any homeowner could be putting themselves at risk of being the target for the next 22 second cycle.

4 Steps You Can Make To Better Secure Your Home

There are some very simple steps any homeowner can make to improve the safety of their home in a very real and effective way. 4 steps you can make to better secure your area home are:

1. Consider your landscaping Burglars don’t want to be caught, and they’ll look for properties that offer ample places to hide so they won’t be. Your landscaping could be providing cover for today’s burglars, making your home a more attractive target to carry out their next crime. If your home has overgrown areas of brush, bushes near windows or other entryways, or large shady trees, a burglar may look at you as an attractive target.

2. Install security cameras Security cameras can be one of the most effective deterrents there is when it comes to stopping burglaries, and they provide evidence should any type of crime occur. Burglars will see signage pointing to your cameras, and know that their actions are being recorded on your property.

3. Utilize motion sensor lights It’s difficult to go unnoticed when you’re under the spotlight, and that’s just what motion sensor lights provide. Not only do they take away any cover of darkness, but they give off the impression of activity around the home. A burglar who doesn’t wish to be caught won’t want to be seen by neighbors, homeowners, or their families.

4. Alarm systems armed during the day While most think that burglaries are nighttime crimes, statistics show that most burglaries in the United States actually happen during the day. The thought behind this is simple – most families are at work or school during daytime hours, so homes are left vacant and ripe for the taking. Alarm systems guarding your home during daytime hours ensures your property is protected while you’re not around.

Creating Safer Homes

Security systems and proactive security measures create safer homes all throughout the region. If you’re looking to better keep your home protected around the clock, contact us for the solutions you need to keep your home safe today.

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