Six Home Security Tips and Ideas To Keep Your Home Safe

November 11th, 2022

Every day in the , homes get invaded at the rate of every 11 seconds. Chances are, if you are not careful and aware, your home could become one of those statistics. There is nothing more violating that the thought that someone strange has been in your home, taken your treasures. To help you work towards keeping your home safe  in , here are some tips that can help: 


Walk Around Your Property With A Critical Eye: 

Does that window look easy to get into? What about the basement windows? Can that shed door be pried open? Where can a burglar hide? In some municipalities, you can contact the police department and they will provide a free home assessment to help you identify weak spots.  


Shrubs, Trees, Walkways, And Entrances 

Keep all bushes trimmed and the yard neat and tidy to indicate someone is home. One clever way to thwart an intruder is plant bushes with thorns and spikes under your windows. Keep your trees trimmed back 


Fence In Your Yard 

If fencing in your backyard is an option, do so. Make sure you check with your HOA or city's building codes to make sure you put up the correct fence within the legal regulations. A fence provides a physical barrier that cannot only deter theft, but slows them down if they do decide to rob you. 


Keep Your Yard Free Of “Stuff” 

Don’t leave your BBQ or fancy lawn furniture sitting out. Make sure your kids put their bikes and other expensive toys in the garage. Speaking of keeping things in the garage, always park in the garage and not the driveway. Any burglar watching your home will be able to tell if you are home just by monitoring your car in the drive.  


Secure Your Front Door 

Check your door. If it is not made of steel or solid wood think of getting one. It takes a thief 2-8 minutes to enter your home through the front door and it is their entrance of choice. Replace the screws on your hinges with three-inch screws and replace the deadbolt for one that is specifically designed to deter burglars.  


Canine Power 

If you are a dog lover, then know that no matter what size Fido is, burglars hate barking dogs. They will always avoid properties with a dog. Dogs are an effective deterrent, if you are so inclined.  

While these tips will definitely make it more difficult for an intruder to get into your home you may also want to install a security camera to keep you safe 24/7. 


Home Security And Cameras 

Some of the best home protection available are outdoor motion detectors and sensors. Today's rapidly moving technology has made buying a home security camera less expensive and easier to install. With many different options, be sure you speak to a well known reputable company. This is not a do it yourself project as security cameras can also be hacked. So when it comes time to install a security system, make sure you work with a trusted expert like a professional security company.  


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