The Best Places to Install Security Cameras in Your Home

January 18th, 2024

The level of security you can enjoy at your home in , depends on how you strategically place your security cameras. It is preferable that anybody who is new to a home shouldn't even have an idea that a security camera system is present there. However, the challenge is how to find the suitable locations that can offer super functionality and ensure that anybody accessing a premise never gets to be out of view. Here are some important locations you consider.

The Front Door

This is the most obvious location for installing a security camera. Many people who have the intention of accessing any home will always prefer to use the front door. It is a thoughtful idea to have the camera installed on the second-floor level - many people often don't think about this location, and it also offers a great angle of view. Assuming that a security camera is installed directly on the first door, it will be easy for people to notice it, and burglars can risk damaging it.

The Back door

The back door is one section of your house in , that you shouldn't forget if you are thinking about installing a security camera. People who have the wrong intentions of entering a home always prefer to use the backdoor, and installing the camera at this point will ensure that you greatly improve your premise security. While installing a camera on the door, much of your focus should be on making the camera out of reach for human hands. Again, it should be strategically placed so that it can be protected from flying projectiles intended to damage it. That can be possible if you provide a mesh wire protection around the camera, and a transparent plastic bag is considered a good option since it won't obscure the quality of the recorded images.

Basement stairs

Installing a security camera on the basement stairs leading to the basement is a good idea. Remember, some sections of a house in , can only be accessed via the stairs, and securing this route will that other sections gets to be protected too. It is also advisable to install security cameras that have night motion and can detect motions. Such capabilities can do a great job at identifying sneaking burglars.

The Backyard

The backyard is a favorite hiding point, and this is because this section of a premise tends to host vegetation. Further, many homeowners prefer to keep rubble and other unwanted materials in the backyard, and that makes such places to be so ideal for anybody who intends to hide and go unnoticed. Cameras installed in the backyard should have night vision, and placed at points that make them hard to identify.

Consider the Windows

Since the doors are ever under scrutiny, some burglars do try their luck by breaking through the windows. For a boost in security guarantee, it is considered better if wireless and remotely controlled cameras are considered for windows security protection. The cameras should be out of view so that they don't attract the attention of the passersby.

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