Warning Signs That Indicate A Burglar May Be Targeting Your Home

February 7th, 2022

Unfortunately, burglaries happen quite often in modern society, even right here in . According to a report published by Jacksonville State University, more than 2.2 million burglaries happen each year in the United States. In other words, that is the equivalent of approximately one theft every 15 seconds. Stats like these show how dangerous the world really is today.

A lot of criminals choose to rob a place when the inhabitants are not home. However, on some occasions, the residents are there, and they become the victims of violent crimes. For instance, the robber may hit, punch, or kick the individual leaving them injured and afraid. Of course, many of these criminals have guns or knives as well, so there is always the chance of a person getting shot or cut. Some of the perpetrators might even decide to commit other crimes like rape.

Therefore, homeowners need to be vigilant and keep their eyes peeled for things that look out of place. Sadly, not everybody knows what to be on the lookout for though. Don't fret if this is the case. Instead, stay put and read on to learn about some warning signs that might indicate a burglar is targeting your home. 

Watch For People Casing The Neighborhood

If persons spot a suspicious vehicle on the street, and it does not belong to one of their neighbors, it could be a burglar casing houses. They often take pictures and jot down notes to see when residents leave home as well as when they return. Should this problem arise, it is a good idea to snap a pic of the individual committing the acts if you can do so safely. Obtaining the car's license plate number can prove to be useful too. Then, contact local law enforcement officials to let them find out what the person is up to.

dir="ltr">Opening The Door For Strangers Can Be Dangerous

One trick that burglars have been using for years is merely knocking on a person's door to gain access to the home. They might ask to borrow the homeowner's phone or try to partake in small talk as if they know the person. Once inside, these criminals are able to see whether the place is safeguarded or not. If they do not see security cameras or an alarm system access panel, they will likely feel as if the home is an easy target. So, be on the lookout for random strangers knocking at the entryway and avoid opening the door for them.

dir="ltr">Keep An Eye Out For Newcomers Skulking About

It is easy for folks to get paranoid when they are constantly looking for potential threats. So, try not to get yourself worked up every time somebody is walking down the sidewalk or street. However, if a person walks near your house or a neighbor's peeking in the windows, this is likely a tell-tale sign that danger is afoot. Don't confront the individual as there is no telling what their true intentions are. Instead, contact the police and let them handle the situation.

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