Why Should I Invest In An Offline Security System?

February 10th, 2022

WiFi is everywhere, and in today’s modern world, we’ve become more connected to the internet and each other than ever. We do our , banking, our shopping, and our research online from the comfort and convenience of a smartphone, and we think little of it or how incredible the ability is when compared to life just a short decade ago. However, when the WiFi goes out, a service provider experiences a glitch, or there is simply no internet where you are, you quickly see how important offline options are, too. 

When it comes to , home security, you’re going to find a lot of options that rely heavily on online capabilities. While these capabilities are nothing short of amazing, like remote monitoring, they’re not everything a great security plan has to offer. 

The Benefits Of Implementing Offline Security Layers 

A remote monitoring home video surveillance system that keeps an eye on your , property is great, but what if your internet cuts out? What will you have protecting you then? Having a multi-layered approach to your security is always your best bet, and a few benefits of implementing offline security layers are: 

  • They’re inexpensive – Offline security layers are often inexpensive, but what they bring to your home security is invaluable. A heavy duty deadbolt for a front door, for instance, will have some installation cost attached to it, but no long-term fees and the initial cost isn’t too much. A motion activated light for the front porch can be purchased at just about any hardware store, and provides both light to your space and the look of activity whether you’re at home or away.


  • They work whether the internet is on or not – Internet services providers aren’t perfect, and you don’t want your home left vulnerable if service goes down. These offline layers work even if the internet is out, and they never skip a beat. Some even work when the power goes out during a big storm, like deadbolt locks or motion detecting lights that work off of battery power. 

  • They’re effective – Most importantly, offline security measures are effective. A strong deadbolt isn’t going to allow an intruder in easily, and motion detection lights are often enough to scare potential intruders away before they ever reach your entryways. With such a low investment price and proven efficacy, there is no reason not to add in some offline layers to keep your home safe. 

A Well Rounded Approach To Home Security 

A well rounded approach to home security is your best bet for truly keeping your home safe. Online security measures are great, and they’re simply getting better every year, but until online capabilities are a 24/7/365 thing, they’re not enough on their own. These offline measures keep you protected during these downtimes, and they’re always there working for you whether you’re at home or away. With online paired with offline, you’re doing the very best you can to ensure your home is always a safe place. 

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