7 Benefits Of Choosing IP Cameras For Your Security System

April 12th, 2024

If you are considering installing security cameras or upgrading your existing analog closed circuit system (CCTV) in , , you may be wondering about Internet Protocol (IP) video cameras. IP video cameras are networked with an ethernet connection. As they record video, it is uploaded to the internet onto a secure network. There are many benefits to using IP cameras over traditional CCTV systems. Here are the top seven:

1. IP Video Cameras And Systems Are Extremely Easy To Use in ,

Whether you are installing an IP camera system in your home or at multiple company locations, IP video camera systems easy enough to use that even beginners look like pros. IP cameras come with user-friendly software platforms. If you have basic computer skills, you can access, monitor, and retrieve any recordings you need easily.

2. IP Video Cameras Capture Better Quality Images Than CCTV Video Cameras

The digital camera technology is so advanced on IP cameras, that even the best CCTV camera can’t match the quality. A basic IP video camera can have four times the resolution of a CCTV. While an IP video camera with a high megapixel rate is excellent at capturing real-time video, no matter the conditions when recording.

3. IP Video Cameras Are Highly Secure And Reliable

IP Video Cameras in , use a variety of encryption and authentication methods with WPA, TKIP, or AES. A knowledgeable security provider will also offer a range of storage options, network redundancies, and routine testing guarantees your data is always safe.

4. IP Video Cameras CAn Be Fully Integrated Into Your Existing Security System

IP video systems are very compatible across manufacturers. This allows for both integration into your current system and long-term scalability. IP video systems can integrate with alarm systems, environmental and lighting controls, entryway access, and more.

5. IP Video Camera Systems Are Very Cost Effective

IP video camera systems are less expensive than CCTV systems. They also transmit and receive video, audio, and power on one network cable, so parts and installation costs are lower. Plus, they can utilize existing network cables which can save you even more!

6. IP Video Systems Offer Remote Access

Whether you are traveling overseas or just down the street, you can access your IP system from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. Some systems even allow for smartphone access, so you can feel confident knowing you can always view your property.

7. IP Video Cameras Offer More Than Just Security

IP video camera systems can also be designed to help with the operational efficiency of your business. You can set systems up to provide alerts when there is a delivery, a customer service need, or employee inquiry. You can also monitor the workflow of your company to catch areas for improvements.

IP video cameras are easier to use, more cost-effective, and provide higher quality than CCTV camera systems. With so many benefits, the choice is clear. If you’d like to learn about the other benefits of IP video cameras and how they can work for you, give us a call. Our security experts will happily walk you through the evaluation, installation, and service process.

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