How Live Interactive Video Surveillance Protects Your Property

January 16th, 2024

Today's live interactive video surveillance has come a long way in , . In the past, video camera security systems were only used to determine what was happening during the night. These analog systems were not too reliable, as evaluation could only be done after a crime had occurred. Today's modern interactive video surveillance helps to protect your investment in real-time before theft and crime take place. These systems can prevent would-be intruders and vandalism, in addition to recording high-resolution video footage for immediate review by the , law enforcement authority.

This modern surveillance system, commonly called "live interactive video surveillance" allows your security officers to talk directly to potential intruders, watch for trespassers and direct police officers to appropriate areas for arrest. Here is an overview on How Live Interactive Video Surveillance Protects Your Property.

Stage 1: Installation of High Tech Cameras and Custom Analytics

For a video surveillance system to function optimally, the best security cameras and analytics filters are needed. Your certified security services provider will personally review your property to assess weak points and to determine what resources are already available onsite, such as internet bandwidth and light poles. Next, your security services provider will create a custom security camera placement strategy to enhance coverage with the right number of cameras.

After the cameras are installed, analytics software filters the recorded video footage and transmits it to the remote surveillance facility. The filters help security to ignore events that are unimportant, such as car headlights shining off your home. The camera analytics has great bandwidth so as to alert security officers of any real issues.

Stage 2: Security Officers Remotely Monitor Live Video Feeds for Possible Criminal Activities

For optimal results, it is important that you only employ highly trained security staffs in , to manage your live video surveillance system. Certified security personnel can be able to understand alerts and alarms that funnel into the remote surveillance facility. These officers sort via thousands of false alarms and quickly respond when a true intruder appears on your property. To get the most out of the live video surveillance, a good security company should allow their security personnel monitoring for intruder alerts work in short shifts. Limited shifts guarantee the staff's attention to every alert.

Stage 3: Taking Action via the "Interactive As acts of the Surveillance System

If the security personnel identify a suspicious group or individual in the wrong place within the property, he makes a live announcement via the property's speakers informing the intruders that the property is being monitored and videotaped. Such an announcement should be enough to scare intruders who never knew someone was aware of their presence. The goal of the live announcement is to deter theft from ever happening. There is no risk of fatal or physical altercation as the security personnel is safe in a remote surveillance facility.

If the intruder does not head the live warning, the security professionals will call the police. They will, however, continue to watch property until the police arrive to make an arrest. While waiting, the security personnel with continue warning the suspects, guiding authorities to the intruded property area and running license plate numbers.

These are just some of the ways How Live Interactive Video Surveillance Protects Your Property. For outstanding results, the security professionals in , must be highly trained on how the entire surveillance system functions and how to respond to alerts.

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