How to Choose the Right Security Camera for Your Home or Business Security Monitoring

December 21st, 2023

You wouldn't want to leave anything to chance when picking a security camera for your property in , since any misjudgment can expose you to many security lapses. Now that intruders are perfecting the art of bypassing security cameras, your camera pick should stay ahead regarding its ability to monitor as well as deter thefts. Thanks to the ever expanding options of video surveillance, you can never find it hard to find a camera that can suit you, however, the catch is that not all security cameras are high-quality enough as homeowners in , would expect. Still, you can settle for a good bargain if you consider the following tips on how to purchase the right security camera for your residential or business property.

Consider the lighting aspect of the premise you want to monitor

The overall lighting intensity in a property in , has an impact on the quality of video filming you can get with a security camera. Too much light often leads to blurred images which can't prove useful when there is a need to clearly identify images or persons that may appear in a security camera footage. On the hand, lighting that is too dim makes it possible for a security camera not to record images that can be simple to interpret. To take care of the light factor, you can opt for a camera that has a light sensitivity rating in the range of 1 Lux and below. Such cameras can capture a reasonably good day and night images that can enable you to monitor your property space consistently.

Where do you intend to install a security camera - indoor or outdoor?

Indoor and outdoor conditions in , tend to differ in their lighting conditions and that aspect affects the quality of images you can get with a security camera. Though indoor environments tend to have controlled humidity, lighting, heating and air conditioning; outdoor environments tend to be different. Indoor cameras can easily be downgraded by UV light, rain and other contaminants and that means it is not good to install indoor cameras in places where outdoor cameras may work the best. Outdoor cameras are made to withstand the harsh conditions that can be expected in outdoor environments without compromising the quality of images they capture. Therefore, only opt for a security camera that can deliver optimal performance if you intend to have indoor or outdoor security surveillance.

Wired or wireless security camera?

Though wired cameras send high-quality and solid video signals via cable connection, their downside is that they cost a lot of money to install because of the need to have wire connections. With wireless security cameras, video signals are transmitted wirelessly and that mode of signal transmission isn't safe because of hacking threats. Still, wireless cameras can be placed at virtually any possible place and that advantage can't be enjoyed with wired security cameras. Though wireless cameras are more susceptible to potential security threats than the wired ones, recent improvements in encryption protocols can guarantee robust security protection against possible hacks in , .

Fixed at one point or PTZ

Would you prefer your camera to be fixed only to one point or have the capacity to monitor different sections at a go? If you specifically need monitor just a certain sections such as the parking lot or a room, then a fixed camera will serve that purpose right. However, for outdoor sections, you can score a lot of points if you opt for a camera that can pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ). PTZ security cameras are designed to move their lenses vertically or horizontally so that they can capture more points of view.

Remote viewing vs. fixed viewing

Many security cameras come with digital video recorder where all the recorded images and videos can end up. If you have a CCTV monitor at your home or business in , , you can closely follow what is going on by just having your eyes glued to the monitor. However, what if you are away and still find it necessary to monitor what is happening in your home or business premise? In that situation, a security camera that allows for remote viewing can best serve your security interests.

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